Shakespeare, New Brothers and Industrial Machines

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Whilst cleaning out some of the old file in my faithful old Macbook (9 years old now!) I camee accross some old blog post which I wrote a few years ago. I thought  I would post a few of them on our new website. This is one I wrote in 2014.
At Last! I can get to writing a new post. I wonder, sometimes, if it may be a mistake to go away on holiday. We went away for a few days in September and it has taken me this long to get on top of things again. Mind you, this feeling soon passes.

We actually went away twice, First of all, on the 4th of September we went to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona. This was the night when the play was broadcast, live by satellite, to other theatres and cinemas, which added an interesting extra dimension to the show.
We stayed over and had a great day out at Warwick Castle the next day, a great day out, although, with all the extras that can add on, it can be a mite expensive. One thing that we discovered there, while we ate our lunch, was that peacocks love crisps, especially Velvet Crunch. When the one we saw heard the sound of a crisp packet, it came over like greased lightning to get them.

After Warwick, it was back to the shop for two days and then off for a very relaxing week in Hunstanton. Mind you, the business did intrude on the Wednesday, when we popped off to Stratford again to attend Brother’s dealer day, when they unveiled the latest additions to their amazing range, before getting back enjoying our holiday.
It was well worth going to the Brother ‘do’ as the new machines they unveiled were amazing, especially the new top of the range model XV. A screen about the size of the one on an Ipad immediately stood out and, among many other features, it can even scan an image and digitize it in the machine. A feature that so many people have asked about for years.
The other range they have brought out nicely fills in a gap in the range, mid way between the NV550/NV1250 models and the V series.

A customer the other day asked for ‘industrial machine needles’ unfortunately she didn’t know which class. As I explained to the lady, it is not quite as simple with industrial needles as it is with the domestic variety. Whilst there is basically one class of needle (15 x 1), available in lots of varieties of point etc. for different uses, there are hundreds of classes of industrial needles, which are very specific to particular models and sub models of machine. This reflects the fact that the essential characteristic of industrial machines is that they are very specialized, whereas domestic machines are quite versatile.

Examples of some of the more specialized machines are: the bar tacking machine, The jeans pocket sewing machine, the button sewing machine, the buttonhole sewing machine, the jeans side seam sewing machine, the pleating machine and the lorry curtain side tape sewing machine. A customer was telling me, yesterday, that when she worked in the costume department at the Theatre Royal, Norwich, some years ago, they had a machine which sewed sequins onto fabric. It could do nothing else, but it did that job beautifully.

Industrial machines are not, as is commonly supposed, necessarily heavy duty machines, a model may be specifically designed to sew chiffon scarves. They are fast, specialized and capable of working for long hours, perhaps 24 hours a day.


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