The Jaguar International Corporation of Japan, as it is now called, (originallyis one of the largest manufacturers of domestic and industrial sewing machines, although it is one which most of us in the west will not have heard of.

This does not mean that you have not seen, or possibly even owned one! They have been sold here, since 1949, under several different brand names. These include Frister + Rossmann (0ne of the UKs most popular brands, Riccar, Crown Point, Singer, White, Kenmore (the house brand of Sears Roebuck, the USAs biggest mail order catalogue), Novum, Alfa, Necchi, AEG, Toyota and many lesser known brands like Atlantis.

In the last few years they have started to appear under their own name.

We have listed in this section, machines which were made by Jaguar under the name they were sold with and some, which we know were made by them, but which we don't know the brand name.