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I have been having a bit of a spring clean in the last few weeks. The store was getting a bit cluttered and I thought that I should sort it out (Actually what happened was that my wife Sue said, “That store is a tip, you can hardly get in there anymore, isn’t it time you sorted it out?”).

 To be honest, I hadn’t realised what we actually had in the way of accessories and parts for machines.

In a sewing machine shop you tend to acquire various machines which are turn out not to be repairable  or are uneconomical to repair and they are used for parts. We either dismantle them or put them in the store for possible future use and over the 40 years we have been in this shop, quite a lot has accumulated. It was definitely time for sort out.

Add to this the collection of instruction manuals I have collected through the years and I have quite a mammoth task on my hands which could take quite some time, Still, with my love of mechanical things and particularly sewing machines, it is proving very enjoyable.

Now, we do get people in the shop and on the phone who are looking for bits and pieces for older machines  and, after some searching, I am often able to help them. It seems logical, therefore, to catalogue everything which is worth keeping, so that we know if we actually have the item, and it is easier to locate it if we have. I then thought that it would be a good idea to put everything on our website so that they are available to people who might need them.

First task is to sort out everything into useful and no good and to throw away the stuff that is definitely past its best. A hard task for me as I hate to throw anything away, just ask Sue, she gets completely exasperated by me sometimes. Then, once everything is sorted into categories, it all needs to be entered into a spreadsheet and photographed, Then each item needs to be entered onto the website with a suitable description. This could take some time, oh well! better get on with it.

Now, what about all those instruction manuals.

 By Steve Taylor.

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