Pre-Owned & Vintage Machines

In these days of conservation, recycling, reducing our carbon footprint and the like we should all be doing our bit towards helping the planet. The best and most energy efficient means of recycling is reuse, ie reusing an item rather than breaking/melting it down to its materials and recycling them. This what we do at BECCLES SEWING & HANDICRAFTS when we recondition a previously owned machine to prolong its useful life instead of scrapping it.

Incidentally, when we do get a machine which really is past help, we do break it down, keep any usable parts for reuse and then recycle everything else.

We have a constantly changing range of pre-owned and vintage machines. We never know what is coming along and we are sometimes surprised what does. Sometimes the older (vintage) machines can be heavier than many new ones, but this can be an advantage when doing heavier work. This can also make them quieter and less susceptible to wear. There is a tendency among some sellers of vintage machines to describe them as ‘semi-industrial’; they are not, they are domestic machines which, by virtue of being heavier built, can deal with heavy work better than many new machines, especially the very light modern budget ones.

The majority of machines will be zigzag or multi-stitch machines, but also straight stitchers (hand-cranked and electric), computerised machines, embroidery machines and occasionally overlockers and even the odd embellisher.

We only sell machines which are of good quality and we fully service, overhaul and test them to ensure that they work as they should. We always ensure that there is an instruction manual (these may not be the originals, but they will be perfectly readable copies- why do so many people seem to lose these, I wonder?) We always supply machines with new needles, spare bobbins, and at least some basic accessories. Some will have all their original accessories (see individual listings).

All our reconditioned pre-owned & vintage machines have been expertly overhauled and serviced (new parts where needed) by our fully trained and experienced (36 years) engineer (me). They are all guaranteed for one year, from date of purchase, unless otherwise stated.

Every electric machine is tested for electrical safety (PAT tested); we only sell the ones that pass!

Always remember that we are members of the 'SEWING MACHINE TRADE ASSOCIATION' which is your guarantee of quality and service.

I’m afraid pre-owned machines are only available for collection from our shop, in Beccles, as it just isn’t practical to ship them. The are very vulnerable and susceptible to damage when not in their original packaging.

If you are interested in any of these machines, you can call us, on 01502 714234, to leave a deposit and reserve it.

Payment is on collection (by cash or debit/credit card)

Just think, you could get a brilliant machine and do your bit for the environment at the same time!

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