JONES & BROTHER Instruction Manuals




We have listed Jones manuals with Brother because since Brother took over Jones inthe late 1950s, they have been the same company. During the 1960s and 70s the 2 brand names were used at the same time, Brother being principalally sold through sewing machine dealers and Jones through department stores and Electricity Board shops. There was quite a bit of overlap, with some models being badged with both names.

Jones Models often have no model number on the machine(it was sometimes on a sticker which tended to fall off over time). There is also not usually any identification on the manuals either, Jones and Brother versions of the same machine had different model numbers so it would have been confusing. You will find that each listing has a picture or diagram of the machine to help with identification but if you have a problem, just send us a clear photo of the front of the machine (and the top, sides and back if possible) and we will do our best to identify which manual you need.

In the 1980s the two brands were combined as Jones-Brother before the Jones name was gradually phased out to become just Brother.

This is why we think it is sensible to list them together. Pre-Brother Jones models are listed here too.

We have a huge collection (1000s) of instruction manuals aquiring more. We are therefore always  scanning them to the computer so that we can provide either printed booklets or downloads. Concequently our collections are growing all the time

If you require a manual for a particular machine, which we do not have listed, please contact us by phone or email and we probably have it.

If you are not sure what your machine is, has no identification or is of an unusual make, then if you can email a good clear picture of the whole of the front of the machine and we can usually identify it.

Steve is great at looking at machines and identifying what they are, especially when they are sold under more than one brand name or 'badged' machines.

We will always do our best to supply you with a manual