SINGER 15K88, 15K89 & 15K90 Instruction Manual (printed copy)

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This is a printed hard copy of the instruction manual for three specific models of the Singer 15K machine. These are completely unlike all the other, more common, versions of the 15K in that they thread from right to left instead of the normal left to right (of course this also means that the needle fits in the other way around.

The only defference between these three models is that, as originally supplied, the 15K88 was hand cranked, the 15K89 was treadle drive & the 15K90 was the electric version. Of course this was often changed after purchase (a hand one being fitted with a motor for example).

The clue that you have one of these machines (which were made from 1951 and through most of the 1950s) is that the lowest thread guide, on the needle bar, is to the right of the needle, not the left. Also The 'finger' on the top of the bobbin case points to the left, not to the right as is more normal (see illustration).

The manual has 68 pages & UK postage and packing on printed copies is free.

Also available as a .pdf download.