ORGAN Sewing Machine Needles Twin Stretch 75/4

ORGAN Sewing Machine Needles Twin Stretch 75/4

  • £3.95

Stretch Twin Needle 130/705H Size 75/4

A pack of 1 needle for sewing stretch fabrics (jersey, elastane, spandex etc.).
Sews 2 perfectly parallel lines for top stitching & other jobs on these difficult fabrics. They are especially useful for sewing 'fake' coverstitch if you do not have a coverstitch machine.

In the size the first figure (75) refers to the thickness of the needles in microns and the second (4) refers to the distance between the needles (4mm)

Pack of 1

It has to be a zigzag machine because the needle plate needs a slot, not a round hole. The needle must thread from the front thohough with the bobbin fitting at the front or back. If the needle threads from the side with the bobbin fitted on the left this needle won't work.

If you are not sure please ask and we will be happy to advise you.