JONES (& Winfield) Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Instruction Manual (Printed)

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This is a  printed version of the manual for one of the Jones straight stitch models of sewing machine. This is one of the many machines, of various brands, known as 15 clones, as they are based on the casting and design of the Singer 15k.

This particular machine is one of the less common ones which threads from left to right and has a bobbin case which is a mirror image of the more usual type (like the Singer 15k90). To check this see the illustrations of the bobbin case and the needle clamp. The thread guide on the needle clamp is to the right of the needle on this machine, not the left as is more usual.

As indicated in the listing title, this machine was also sold, under the Winfield brand, in Woolworths stores.

This manual is also available as a .pdf download.

It has 12 Pages and UK postage and packing on printed copies is free.