JANOME/NEW HOME MemoryCraft 8000 Instruction Manual (Download)

JANOME/NEW HOME MemoryCraft 8000 Instruction Manual (Download)

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This is a big one at 106 pages but the MC8000 is a pretty full featured machine. It was actually the worlds first home embroidery machine and is a brilliant sewing machine too. It was branded New Home at first and then later changed to Janome, as it bridged the period when the name changed. Janome machines can be in the range for a quite some time!

I still see quite a few of these for servicing and their owners get really attached to them. I have replaced quite a few of the backlights in the LCD screen as they do fade over time and this one of the most common faults.

This is a pdf download, scanned from an original, of the manual. We also can supply this as a printed hard copy, which you will find on a separate listing.

It has 106 pages and postage on hard copies is free.

You can verify whether you have the correct manual for your machine by comparing it with the picture.