Heavy Weight Soluble Embroidery Topping/Backing (Stabiliser) 1metre

Heavy Weight Soluble Embroidery Topping/Backing (Stabiliser) 1metre

  • £3.99

Soluble film for embroidery topping and backing and especially for free standing lace designs.

Simply hoop up the stabiliser on its own in the frame. When the design is finished the stabiliser can be dissolved away in cold water to leave your lace. Partially dissolving it to leave some behind will allow it to act as a stiffener, if you are making things like bowls.

A note of caution. The design you use must be a specially designed free standing one, which will have lots of layers of under stitching to hold it together. If you use a standard design it will fall to pieces as you dissolve the stabiliser.

You can of course use this stabiliser for your own free motion creations as well as for embroidery machine designs.

Can be used on top of fabrics with a pile or soft surface into which the stitching tends to sink, such as toweling and knitwear.

It can also be used as a backing.

Dissolves in cold water.

Sorry the picture is so boring but stabiliser is not particularly photogenic.

It is 76cm x 100cm .