BROTHER Embroidery Design Card - No. 17 Super Mario & Donkey Kong (pre-owned) FOR DISNEY MACHINES ONLY

  • £29.00

Brother design card number 17 Super Mario & Donkey Kong.

Please Note. This card will only work in a Brother DISNEY embroidery machine. It WILL NOT work in any non-Disney machine and CANNOT be read by a Brother PE Design card reader/writer.

This card has 52 .pes Super Mario & Donkey Kong embroidery designs

Will work with any Brother Disney embroidery machine which is equiped with a card slot for Brother memory cards).

This design card has been tested in a Brother Disney embroidery machine and works perfectly.

Almost all of the designs on any Brother design card are for 100 x100mm frame (4") but some cards have 1 or 2 larger designs, either larger versions of other designs on the car or different designs. These larger designs will nort work on small format machines but all the others will.

Examples of compatible machines are:-

PE150, PE200, Super Galaxie, Super Galaxie 2000, Super Galaxie 3000, Innovis 1500, Innovis 4000, Innovis 5000, Innovis 750E, Innovis 1250, Innovis 950 etc.