Machine Needles

It is essential that you use the correct type and size of needle to suit your fabric and task if you wish to get the best results from your machine. Almost all modern home machines will take the standard class 130/705 needle with a flat sided shank. A GOOD QUALITY machine needle will last for about 6 to 8 hours of continuous sewing before becoming blunt, depending on fabric, considerably less on some difficult fabrics (e.g. those with metal threads or sequins). A cheap or poor quality needle will not last nearly as long (we don’t sell those!) you may even be able to hear a blunt needle punching its way through your fabric. Therefore, it is advisable to fit a new needle for each new project and to throw the old one away. There are two numbers relating to sizing on machine needles e.g. 90 (14). The first number is the metric size (100 = 1mm, 70 = 0.7mm, 90 = 0.9mm, 110 =1.1mm etc.) and is the precise size of the needle shaft. The second figure is the equivalent American size. The sizes do not match up exactly so this is why there is sometimes a discrepancy between this equivalent from one needle brand to another. You will find listed here all the needles you are likely to need for all your sewing projects ORGAN needles are the leading Japanese brand. SCHMETZ are the leading European needle brand and probably produce the most comprehensive range of needles of any brand.