BABYLOCK OVATION Overlocker & Coverstitch Machine - Special offer Free Thread Set

  • £2,495.00


The launch of the baby lock Ovation has set new standards in the field of coverlock machines. No need to laboriously follow any threading points. Forget about loose threads and all the associated tangle and frustration. All thanks to the fully automated jet-air threading system. A knee lift lets you change the presser foot position without taking your hands off the fabric. Both the marked presser foot pressure control and the presser foot lifter are within easy reach of the sewing area for fuss-free adjustments.

The Ovation offers another convincing advantage: you can vary its sewing speed. The adjustable control determines the maximum speed, allowing you to focus fully on your sewing project whenever intricate work requires high precision and your full attention. Thanks to the convenient changeover from overlock to coverstitch and vice versa, you have much more time to try out the numerous stitch options that can be implemented neatly and easily using the automatic thread delivery feature.

Purchase of the Babylock Ovation includes BECSEW VIP Club membership.