BABYLOCK Enspire. Jet-Air Threading 4 Thread Overlocker

  • £499.00

Babylocks, who introduced the first doestic overlocker, in the early 1960s, are arguably the finest domestic overlockers available.

The biggest problem that most people have with an overlocker is threading it, particularly the loopers. This problem is solved with the Babylock Jet-Air threading system. The loopers thread themselves. Just put the end of the thread in the threading port, press the lever and the looper is thredded.

There is a needle threader too.

The Enspire will produce excellent results with 2, 3 and 4 thread overlocking & will also do 2 or 3 thread narrow hem & 2 or 3 thread rolled hem.

The machine has differential feed to stop streching of seams in stretch fabrics & 'wavering' with sheer fabrics. This feature can also be used to gather woven fabrics and to produce 'lettuce' edges.

This particular machine is a current model and is a little more than a year old. Fully serviced by Babylock authorised service engineer. Guaranteed for 1 year

Unfortunately this machine is for collection only.
Call 01502 714234 for more details